OE System Platform with Operations Management Interface (OMI) is the world’s only responsive, scalable solution for supervisory, Enterprise SCADA, MES, and IIoT applications that contextualizes operations processes across the organization. System Platform provides a collaborative, standards-based foundation that unifies people, processes, and assets across all facilities for continuous operational improvement and real-time decision support. With OE System Platform you can securely visualize enterprise-wide operations using an asset model to apply context to real-time processes, alarms, events, and archived historical data – creating a single, common information stream that makes system design and maintenance more efficient, flexible, and provides operators with greater situational awareness for improved effectiveness.


OE illuminates the value digital acceleration brings to industries. Our technology seamlessly delivers the data and insight enterprises need to empower the modern workforce. We help customers become more sustainable and profitable across engineering and operations, and maximize asset, production and supply chain performance.

Based On Iot Platform

Our SCADA/HMI is built atop of a mature and powerful OE IoT Integration Platform. It inherits all technological benefits of the underlying framework, including open-source APIs, failover clustering, distributed architecture, process modeling, advanced analytics,


Drive Operational Excellence and turn market opportunities into sustainable business value with performance intelligence. Eliminate silos, power supply chain agility, increase asset reliability, and optimize efficiency from edge to enterprises


OE connects people and assets with technology that improves industrial efficiency, safety, and reliability. When industry leaders leverage a comprehensive digital transformation strategy that uses real-time data to optimize operations, predict outcomes, and provide risk-based guidance, they can ensure business continuity, maximize return on capital and, enhance customer experiences

Innovative Technology

The OE Platform's patented technology introduces many innovations to the industrial automation domain. OE system core enables the home-grown device data normalization method, two-way device synchronization, device data caching, and other device management features.

Unlimited Scalability

Up to 10 million tags, up to a million processed samples per second and hundreds of thousands ones stored. These are practical limits of a single server which can be endlessly expanded by the distributed architecture.

Alarming And Event Management

Advanced alerting with a deadband support. Event correlation and value flapping detection. Alert acknowledgment and escalation rules. E-mail, SMS, popup, sound, and other notifications. Automatic and interactive corrective actions.


Any type of license allows creating an unlimited number of reports. The report source data can be extracted by an expression or query, but the report template generator can create a report template from any tabular data in just two clicks. Moreover, the templates can be fine-tuned or created from scratch in the embedded report editor.

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