Videojet Technologies is a world-leader in the product identication market, providing in-line printing, coding, and marking products, application specic uids, and product life cycle services. Our Uptime Peace of Mind® brand promise means Videojet listens to our customers’ needs and provides the right combination of equipment, supplies and support for reliable performance.

Easy-to-use industrial laser markers to apply clean, crisp codes on products

Laser marking is a non-contact printing method that marks or
engraves high-quality 1D and 2D bar barcodes, multiple lines of
text, batch numbers, lot codes, logos, and more on products to
provide product information, identication, and traceability data.

High-performance CO2 Laser Marking Systems

With over 30 years of laser innovation, Videojet understands the importance of product configuration to achieve your desired mark. Through a diverse combination of marking heads, lenses and wavelength options, Videojet can deliver market leading 21 spot size options to match your unique application requirements. More spot size options allow a broader range of effects from fine to thick line marking.

Light Duty CO2 Laser Marking Systems

Customers with simple code requirements such as serial numbers, time, date and lot codes as well as many other code formats can benefit from CO2 laser marking technology.

Fiber Laser Marking Machines

Industries with demanding production schedules and increasing throughput expectations — like beverage, extrusion, and pharmaceuticals — need lasers that can keep pace and provide the appropriate level of contrast. Compared to traditional CO2 laser sources, fiber lasers can achieve better mark contrast at faster speeds

Videojet 1280 CIJ Printer

Can print 1 to 5 lines of print at speeds of up to 533fpm (162mpm) (10 characters per inch, single line of print)
–More than 250 complex messages

Videojet 1610 Dual Head CIJ Printer

Can print 1 to 5 lines of print at speeds of up to 960fpm (293mpm) (10 characters per inch, single line of print)
–More than 250 complex messages

UV Laser Marking Machines

UV laser marking machines are specialized industrial devices used for marking and engraving various materials using a high-energy ultraviolet laser beam. These machines are widely used in industries such as electronics, semiconductors, medical devices, automotive, and aerospace due to their ability to create precise and permanent marks on a variety of surfaces.

Full line of thermal inkjet printers for high-resolution text, bar codes, and graphics

Thermal inkjet (TIJ) printing technology is an ideal t for applications where high quality print is essential and ease of use is a primary consideration. With maintenance requirements consisting of a simple
wipe of the cartridge print array and printhead, Videojet and Wolke brand thermal inkjet printers provide unparalleled simplicity.

Thermal inkjet printers

Thermal inkjet printers, also known as TIJ printers, are a type of inkjet printing technology that uses heat to propel tiny droplets of ink onto a substrate. These printers are commonly used for marking, coding, and labeling applications across various industries.

Case coding, label printers and box printers

Case coding, label printers, and box printers are all types of industrial printing solutions used for marking, coding, and labeling various types of packaging materials, including cases, boxes, and labels. They play a crucial role in product identification, traceability, and branding in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and retail.

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