SCAME PARRE S.p.A. is an Italian manufacturer of components and systems for low voltage electrical installations, in the residential and industrial elds. Since 1963, the year it was founded, SCAME has grown to be an international group with a workforce of 650 employees at the three facilities located in the province of Bergamo, Italy, where the companies headquarter, and main production lines have always been. The company also operates abroad, with 18 sales oces and branches, three of which are also production facilities.

Plug and Socket

A plug and socket, also known as a power plug and power socket, is a pair of electrical devices used to connect electrical equipment to a power supply. The plug is the male component, while the socket is the female component that receives the plug. This combination allows for the safe and efficient transfer of electrical power.

Distribution Boards

Distribution boards, also known as breaker panels, electrical panels, or fuse boxes, are critical components of electrical systems that distribute electrical power to various circuits within a building or facility. They serve as a centralized control point for electrical distribution, allowing for the safe and organized management of electricity.


Isolators, also known as electrical isolators or disconnect switches, are devices used to isolate electrical circuits or equipment from the power supply. They are primarily used for safety purposes, allowing for the safe maintenance, repair, or servicing of electrical systems without the risk of electric shock or accidental activation.

Cable Reels

Cable reels, also known as cable drums or cable spools, are devices used to store, manage, and transport electrical cables or wires. They provide a convenient and organized way to handle cables in various applications, including construction sites, industrial settings, events, and entertainment venues.

Junction Boxes

Junction boxes are electrical enclosures designed to house electrical connections, protect them from environmental factors, and facilitate the distribution of power or signals. They provide a safe and organized solution for joining multiple electrical wires or cables together within a building or electrical system.

Plug and Socket

A plug and socket, also known as an electrical plug and receptacle, is a pair of devices used to establish an electrical connection between an electrical device or equipment and a power source. They are designed to safely and efficiently transmit electrical power or signals.

Control Boxes

Control boxes, also known as control panels or electrical enclosures, are equipment used to house electrical components and control systems. They provide a centralized location for mounting and organizing various control devices, such as switches, buttons, indicators, relays, circuit breakers, and other components necessary for controlling and monitoring electrical systems or machinery.

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